On the last days of the year, you still have a chance for success!

Pay close attention to the tasks in the resolution list, and try to click on them on the days that come before time runs out!
You can click more than once on the same option!
(be careful not to click on tasks that were not on the list)

Good luck!

art and code by maruki: http://twitter.com/marukihurakami

moving text effect by Mohamed Youssouf: https://codepen.io/mohamedyoussouf/

shake text effect by Dronca Raul: https://codepen.io/rauldronca/

list animation by Yoann: https://codepen.io/yoannhel/

song "Children's March Theme" by Cleyton Kauffman: https://soundcloud.com/cleytonkauffman

thanks to sugoidev for the always awesome husbandry, company and proofreading

Published 19 days ago
GenreInteractive Fiction, Simulation
TagsPixel Art, Relaxing, Retro

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Cute little game :3
The 30th is a bit weird, because the bars come in again right when the timer runs out.
Also nice to see you included the pet rock^^