ISHI was created in 48 hours for the LD 43: "Sacrifices Must be Made".

Note: There is a spirit ending! You have to find out where to click! :D Also, there are two kinda secret endings if you play around with balancing the constitution.

It's a bite-size existential pet simulator. Given its meditative constitution, if you've been struggling with intrusive thoughts or anything depressive recently, I don't recommend playing it.

My intention was to offer some relief for these kinds of feelings and thoughts through the interaction of a "pet" (I guess pretty much everyone will have to deal with them sooner or later), but my writing may not be the best for many people. So be warned.

If you do play ISHI, I hope you can enjoy it with tranquility.


art and code by maruki:

nyx8 palette by Javier Guerrero:

Mini Pixel font by eitoa:

song "Carried Along" by Zodiax:
song "Sweet Dreams" by snokums:
CSS only particle system by Robin Selmer:
CSS only Gradient Buttons with Background-Color Change by Captain Anonymous:

thanks to sugoidev for the always awesome husbandry, company and proofreading

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