Thank you for using YumemiSushi, the oniric sushi-making service

Answer everything honestly to have the best, most suitable imaginary sushi delivered directly to you while you dream.

Disclaimer: sushi are only available during active hours. All sushi generated by the system will perish upon user disconnection.


art and code (whoa!) by maruki (
made using Twine 1.4.2 Sugarcube2
no sushis were hurt in making this gaem

songs by You're Perfect Studio (
wavy text effect by Dali (
shake text effect by Dronca Raul (
yellow cat pic by Andy Miccone (

Development log


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Love it!  I just wish I would be able to reset it so that I could choose the other choice? (All that comes up is the broken image after that, and somehow it still haunts me even when I try other browsers or on private!! How??)

I know that's probably against the point, but wondering if there's a way to do that?

Hello! Thanks for playing this game!

And well,  the broken image is part of the game. If you are seeing it, it means you haven't read the terms and conditions for using the YumemiSushi service. Once you've read it, you should be able to see a contract.

Hope this helps (it's been a while since I made it, so my memory may be a bit off).


Where can I get that earlobe addon...? o.o
Really interesting concept, cute visuals and lovely music <3


Cute stuff and good sushi, would use this service again! <3