Thank you for using YumemiSushi, the oniric sushi-making service

Answer everything honestly to have the best, most suitable imaginary sushi delivered directly to you while you dream.

Disclaimer: sushi are only available during active hours. All sushi generated by the system will perish upon user disconnection.


art and code (whoa!) by maruki (
made using Twine 1.4.2 Sugarcube2
no sushis were hurt in making this gaem

songs by You're Perfect Studio (
wavy text effect by Dali (
shake text effect by Dronca Raul (
yellow cat pic by Andy Miccone (

Development log


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Love it!  I just wish I would be able to reset it so that I could choose the other choice? (All that comes up is the broken image after that, and somehow it still haunts me even when I try other browsers or on private!! How??)

I know that's probably against the point, but wondering if there's a way to do that?


Where can I get that earlobe addon...? o.o
Really interesting concept, cute visuals and lovely music <3


Cute stuff and good sushi, would use this service again! <3